Organizational Services

  • SVU's Organizational Survey allows for input from all members of the organization.
  • Upon completing Surveys, SVU and the Management Team will convene to review
    the results and determine the best course of action.

Over 330 stores and 17,000 associates have participated in this survey and testified to the success the survey has garnered at all levels of their organization.

"It was well worth the money in terms of increased sales and customer satisfaction. I wish we would have completed this program years ago!"

What's in it for the Retailer?

  • Empower Associates
  • Listen to real feedback
  • Support team building efforts
  • Better understanding of strengths
  • Better understanding of weaknesses
  • Determine future direction
    as a team

What areas are Surveyed?

  • Position against competition
  • Customer relations
  • Employee morale
  • Operational strengths / weaknesses
  • Performance management skills
  • Understanding of sales and profit
  • In-store merchandising / marketing


Pricing and cancellation policies for these services are covered within individual statements of work. 
Please contact an SVU representative for details.