GOT Customer Satisfaction

GOT-customer-satisfaction-54022660.jpgAssociates are introduced to a new way of thinking through a series of GOT Customer Satisfaction training sessions. GOT stands for Greet, Offer, Thank. The sessions are designed to equip associates with the skills needed to give customers the best possible shopping experience, while driving sales, one grocery cart at a time.

GOT Customer Satisfaction Objectives

  • Provide the foundation for building a culture in which engaged associates deliver an exceptional in-store shopping experience to their customers
  • Present tools and techniques for engaging, motivating, recognizing and coaching associates on delivering the customer satisfaction mission

Engaged employees want their organization to succeed because they feel connected emotionally and socially to its mission, vision and purpose.

The GOT Program includes the following:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Training Materials
  • Training DVD's
  • Posters
  • Recognition cards

Pricing and cancellation policies for these services are covered within individual statements of work. 
Please contact an SVU representative for details.

Contact your Account Manager, or SUPERVALU University for more information.


Often times it’s far too easy to focus on the details of our individual jobs and forget what we are doing in our organization and why we are all here.  The GOT program helps convey the big picture to all our team members — from the tip top of our organization all the way to our newest employee — that all of our jobs and our livelihood depends on satisfying the needs and meeting the expectations of our customers.

— Sarah Goodwin
Vice President Operations
Schuette's Market, Breese, IL