Department Manager Academy

Virtual Instructor Led Training!

Managing a department takes a variety of skills and knowledge in order to be successful and profitable. Without skilled department managers, you cannot have a profitable, successful store. In this comprehensive course, participants will learn how to manage the department financials, implement successful merchandising and marketing plans, and effectively manage their associates!

The course content is delivered through online classes. Participants discuss what they have learned in live chats and online discussions. Assigned projects allow them to demonstrate their knowledge of key skills and concepts, while implementing them on the job, with real data.

Project outcomes and progress reports are shared throughout the course with the participant’s manager, allowing them to see what their associates are learning, discuss their progress, and help them achieve their goals.

Three key areas are covered, each taking 8 weeks to complete.

Financial Acumen

  • The difference between margin and markup, and how to calculate SRP’s
  • Calculating distribution and using the contribution formula
  • Managing known loss, and taking inventory
  • Using CTO to measure and manage profitability
  • Scheduling labor effectively

Merchandising and Marketing

  • Discover who your customers are, how they shop and what they are looking for.
  • Learn how to plan events based on customers needs, and measure their success
  • Identify and establish key standards
  • Learn tactics that can help you increase your sales per customer

People Management

  • Dealing with difficult people and conflict in the workplace
  • Providing feedback and coaching employees to improve behavior
  • Communicating effectively and establishing accountability
  • Interviewing and performance reviews
  • When and how to use progressive discipline

Price and Registration

$1,800 per student, plus $175 for access to Learning Cart (Learning Cart fee waived for those already on Learning Cart). The $175 Learning Cart fee will be billed prior to the start of the session. The remaining cost will be divided and charged per period on the store’s statement as the student completes the course.  

Session Beginning March 24, 2019 - Click here to register.

Congrats to our newest grads!

Rodney Holbert, Store Manager, along with Leanna Jackson and Bethany Rosser (Mannington SHOP'n SAVE)

  • Graduates achieved an average 2.32% GP increase in their selected category!
  • Graduates estimated a $1,116 increase in weekly sales based on what they learned in Merchandising!
  • Graduates estimate they can save 3.6 hours per week  as a result of what they learned in People Management!



Just a quick note to thank you all for the (DMA) instruction over the last 6 months.  I was able to take away different skills from each and every one of you.  I have already begun to use many of the newly learned techniques in my day to day routine and know it has made me a better department head.  I will miss the weekly calls from you all but will make sure to reach out to you with any questions or advice

— Jason Holte
Grocery Manager
Cub Foods