HISPANIC MARKETING: Recognizing New Market Opportunities (VILT)


Who is the Hispanic consumer in your market and how can you sell more to them? In this course participants will learn about the Hispanic consumer, and the significant growth and trends of this segment. We will examine the differences between how Hispanics and Non-Hispanics shop, and learn about their preferences. Participants will gain an understanding of this culture by studying Hispanic holidays, the history and significance behind them and the products to display. We will examine the departments and products that are most important and implement strategies to grow this business.

Skills & Benefits

Group discussions around the differences in what Hispanic consumers expect from their shopping experience versus non-Hispanics will help you identify ways to improve and grow your sales. Homework assignments will further the students understanding, and help them develop best practice methods for applying this information in their store.

Who Should Attend

Store owners, managers and department managers

Class Format

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT): The course content is delivered through online classes. Group discussions will be held on WebEx. Homework will be assigned by the instructor. Students will be contacted through email with class information, links to webinars, classes and online discussions.

Available Sessions